Ruby Weekly
Issue 296 — May 5, 2016
“Rails 5 will be the easiest release ever to get running on Heroku,” says Richard Schneeman, before showing off how it’ll take just five lines at the command prompt. But how does it work?

ImageMagick is an image manipulation tool heavily used in Ruby libraries and apps and some major vulnerabilities have been found in it. Check these notes for more Ruby specifics and upgrade things like Paperclip if you haven’t already.

Sam Phippen
Sam Phippen looks at the trials and tribulations of managing third party dependancies in our Ruby apps. (18 minute video.)

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Official Rails Blog
If you’re at RailsConf, we hope you’re having a good one. A release candidate is anticipated to follow soon.

Leigh Halliday
A look at how Ruby gems are structured, where to put your code, how to namespace it, as well as how four popular Ruby gems have done it.

Patrick Lewis
“a reminder that when working in a Rails 4 app it’s easy to take for granted the ability to install gems and have them ‘just work’ [..] When dealing with pre-release versions of Rails, don’t be surprised when you have to do some investigative work”

Marcin Grzywaczewski
Marcin ponders what common pattern in Rails causes the most pain and settles for ActiveRecord callbacks. Here he explains why.

Ed Wassermann
An introduction to testing anti-patterns in Rails aimed at developers who want to pick up some valuable best practices.


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