Ruby Weekly
Issue 299 — May 26, 2016
Fabio Akita
Many people are worried about the current state of Rails with some choosing to leave the Ruby community altogether. Are these concerns something you should also worry about? A response to Piotr Solnica’s My Time with Rails is Up which has attracted a lot of attention this week.

Idiosyncratic Ruby
Ruby’s sprintf provides a powerful alternative to typical string interpolation. See a wide variety of examples here.

David Heinemeier Hansson
A short essay by DHH: “Ruby includes a lot of sharp knives in its drawer of features. Not by accident, but by design.”

RedisGreen  Sponsored
RedisGreen builds a map of your Redis memory usage, tracking the size of keys over time, helping you track down problems and gain new insights.


Hristo Georgiev
A look at how the experience compares with using React and Angular 2 on the front end of Rails apps.

RubyGems Blog
If you want to help out, Nick Quaranto presents a few ideas for pushing the official gems repository,, into “a better place for the rest of 2016.”

Jacob Bednarz
A look at tracking down and fixing some issues in libxml-ruby that were causing segfaults due to an interesting edge case.

Mike Perham
“It’s not well known but with Rubygems and Bundler, you can distribute access-controlled commercial Rubygems.”


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