Ruby Weekly
Issue 300 — June 2, 2016
Much of Rails’ early popularity was owed to a ‘build a blog in 15 minutes’ video DHH recorded in 2004, so it’s great to see DHH do a new video covering similar ground but with Rails 5’s features.

Richard Schneeman
An interesting look at what happens when a prolific maintainer leaves an important project - in this case, Sprockets, as used for Rails’ asset pipeline.

Couldn’t make it to RailsConf 2016? Luckily Confreaks have done their usual stellar job in recording it, so if you have enough cups of coffee, enjoy the talks here.

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Get an inside look at making real-time apps now that Action Cable has been merged into Rails. Learn More.


Victor Shepelev
e.g. or TimeMath.hour.round(

Ruby on Rails
“We should now be able to write our data-remote, data-confirm, XHR wrapping, and the few other hooks we rely on using vanilla JavaScript.”

Greg Navis
Postgres provides a lot of flexibility with indexes, but you can end up with a result that isn’t ideal. Here’s a few Rails-flavored tricks to get better indexing.


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