Ruby Weekly
Issue 306 — July 14, 2016
Tony Arcieri
Under the hood, Rails 5’s ActionCable uses nio4r, a low level non-blocking IO library inspired by Java’s NIO. Here, its author explains how it works.

Andrew Hao
If you’ve decided to give Phoenix & Elixir a try but your existing user auth is happening through a Rails app, don’t fear, here’s how to share sessions.

William Kennedy
A look at using SQS and Shoryuken to process queued requests to a third-party API.

Heroku  Sponsored
What if Ruby made it easy for you to write async code and real-time apps? By pairing up JRuby with Ratpack, Joe Kutner shows us that we can teach Ruby some new tricks. Learn More.


Luiz Rogerio
A practical look at tweaking your background jobs to scale and perform better.

Glenn Goodrich
Glenn Goodrich explores the Raspberry Pi platform using mRuby and the h2o web server. Learn how to make a quick API or capture a camera image.

In an hour long talk, Oracle’s Chris Seaton shows off the Truffle project, a research project that aims to provide a significantly faster alternative runtime for JRuby.


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