Ruby Weekly
Issue 307 — July 21, 2016
John Backus
A quick, example-driven overview of numerous improvements and new features coming to Ruby 2.4, including Integer#digits, File.empty? and faster regex matching.

Janko Marohnić
A look at the motivations for supporting partial file downloads in an HTTP client library and how some experiments have led to down (an open-uri wrapper) supporting chunked downloading.

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Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas
Reloading is the concept of re-executing Ruby code when it changes. This article looks at the main approaches taken by Ruby developers.

Ardian Haxha
A demonstration of using Docker’s Remote API from Ruby to perform tasks like image and container creation.

Bear Metal
Not brand new but now updated for Ruby 2.3, TuneMyGC is an agent you run against your Ruby code, then a report is produced of ideal GC settings to try.


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