Ruby Weekly
Issue 312 — August 25, 2016
Zachary Scott
Sinatra has released the first pre-release of 2.0. Here, you’re invited to give it a try, and also see what’s new and different. Note that it only supports Rack 2.x and Ruby 2.2 and above.

David Heinemeier Hansson
DHH walks us through his process in driving out a name for a class and method. A lesson in one of the hard things in programming.

Jacob Gillespie
The journey of a developer who moved a React-powered app to Rails including why he decided to do it and how it worked out.

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Tom Dalling
A look at driving out a JSON-to-XML converter implementation using functional techniques, such as pure functions and memoization.

Fabien Loup
A 2 part adventure of using Trailblazer (an alternative structure for Rails apps) to refactor an existing Rails application. Part 2 here.

Noah Gibbs
ABProf is a tool to compare which of two programs is faster. Noah Gibbs gives some examples and use cases of the tool.

Brian Shirai
The how and why of Rubinius adding first-class support for functions, including why other implementations should consider doing the same.

Ruby Book Club
Not just a good episode on its own, but Ruby Book Club is an interesting weekly podcast where Nadia Odunayo and Saron Yitbarek read and discuss a different Ruby book.


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