Ruby Weekly
Issue 311 — August 18, 2016
Timo Rößner
Mutant is the most advanced system for doing mutation testing in Ruby. Mutation testing is where code is changed (mutated) in minor ways to see how robust the existing tests are.

David Bush
Byebug is a debugger for Ruby 2 that uses TracePoint.

Yehonathan Sharvit
The Y combinator is a function that allows the generation of recursive functions without using names. This post introduces it in Ruby with live, editable demos.

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Andrew Allen
A gem that makes time and date comparisons more readable, e.g. more_recent_than_or_equal_to? and earlier_than? methods.

Leo Laporte
Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) talks about programming as art, how he got started coding, his love of photography, and racing in Le Mans. 70 minutes.

Alex Taylor
A look at taking advantage of more powerful SQL features (like window functions and views) from Rails. Part 2 here.

A walkthrough of implementing a drag and droppable file upload mechanism within a Rails 4.2 app.


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