Ruby Weekly
Issue 317 — September 29, 2016
Gary Bernhardt
A live coding session (on Twitch) covering TTY concepts using a functional approach to create a rudimentary text editor in Ruby. (Starts properly at 12 minutes in.)

Arafat Khan
TensorFlow is a powerful and increasingly popular open source library for numerical computation using data flow graphs. You can now use it from Ruby.

Sean Huber
A practical look at building a simple webhook with Sinatra that GitHub can automatically call when pull requests are made on a repo.

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Olivier Lacan
You’ve watched ko1’s talk on a proposed new concurrency mechanism in Ruby 3 - now enjoy some further thoughts on how they could work.

David Heinemeier Hansson
Based on the ever-increasing performance of the latest mobile devices, DHH tells you to write your code for the future, not the present.

Karol Galanciak
A revealing dive into the ActiveJob code, including configuration, job serialization and queue adapters.


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