Ruby Weekly
Issue 318 — October 6, 2016
Kevin Sylvestre
An excellent tutorial that builds a Rack-based web server from the ground up, complete with explanations of all the pieces along the way.

Giles Bowkett
A long but interesting post from a long standing Rubyist and community firebrand on Ruby’s relationship to JavaScript, full-stack development, ‘niceness’, and more.

Fabio Akita
A two-part series (part I and part II) on sharing model logic between two Rails apps.

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Marko Anastasov
It’s 2016, what versions of Ruby are commercial folks using? Spoiler: Rubyists like the new stuff.

Daniel P. Clark
Minitest provides a great way for writing tests to verify your expectations of your Ruby code. I use it all the time and this is a straightforward intro.

Adam Sokolnicki
Use the Parselet gem to parse a search query string into an ElasticSearch query. If you're not familiar with the techniques used here, they're worth learning.

Marcin Pakuła
A brief but practical look into Rails’ key i18n features, including escaping, currencies, and cleaning up unused translations.


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