Ruby Weekly
Issue 325 — November 24, 2016

As it's Thanksgiving in the US this week, we're running a shorter issue than usual. If you're celebrating, we hope you have a good one. If you're stuck for anything to do, be sure to check out some of the great videos from Rubyconf 2016 (below) :-)

Richard Schneeman
A thorough walkthrough from a member of the Rails committer team of building a new Rails feature over the course of a few weeks.

Didn’t make it to Rubyconf? No problem. You can enjoy great stuff from Matz’s keynote to talks about OpenStruct, optimizing Ruby core, and color theory.
If you upgraded to 2.3.2 last week, you definitely want 2.3.3 now as a bug was introduced in refinements and Module#prepend.

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Ershad Kunnakkadan
CSV input with unescaped quotes can now be parsed in Ruby 2.4 using a new option.

Tom Dalling
The creator of Ruby Object Mapper and founder of dry-rb sits down to discuss his approach to Ruby and the direction of the language.

Nate Berkospec
A summary of what happened at Rubyconf this year, including JRuby+Truffle, coming optimizations, and guilds.

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