Ruby Weekly
Issue 324 — November 17, 2016
Xavier Riley
An in-depth discussion of a real-world need for a C extension in Ruby and how a non-C dev got it done.

Josh Bielick
How to deploy and orchestrate a Rails 5 application with Kubernetes in Google Container Engine (GKE). There’s quite a lot to it.

Samuel Mullen
A practical demonstration of replacing Sprockets in a Rails app with the latest JavaScript ecosystem tools. (Yarn is a new, high perf alternative to the npm client.)

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Ross Kaffenberger
“This is the post I wished existed before attempting to write tests for a Rails generator with TDD.”

Christian Nelson
9 rules that every Rails developer could read and re-read.

Starr Horne
Complete with explanations of the variants of Big O and examples of common Active Record methods that trigger them.

Rack-App is a performant web microframework that has a single dependency.

A ‘teeny’ release of the stable 2.3 series updating RubyGems, its SSL certificates, plus some bugfixes. 2.2.6 has also been released.


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