Ruby Weekly
Issue 329 — December 22, 2016

In this final issue of the year, we look back at the most popular Ruby and Rails news and links of 2016 so no news this week, other than the release of Rails 5.0.1. We hope you have a happy holiday season and we'll see you in 2017 :-)

Ivan Nemytchenko
This fun quiz was the most popular item this year. See if you remember “where Ruby ends and Rails starts.” Neither Matz nor DHH got 10 out of 10.

John Backus
A quick, example-driven overview of numerous improvements and new features in Ruby 2.4, including Integer#digits, File.empty? and faster regex matching.

Riding Rails
Rails 5.0 came out this year (5.0.1 just this week) including Action Cable, API mode, and Turbolinks 5. DHH also did a fantastic 20 minute tour video.

Codeship  Sponsored
Codeship is proud to announce that we now offer a GitLab integration! Users can connect their GitLab repos to a Codeship account.


Aaron Patterson
Don’t be ashamed if placing puts (or p) statements throughout your code is your debugging style - Ruby and Rails core team member Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson does it, and shows off a ton of great examples here.

At RubyKaigi, Jonan Scheffler caught up with three of Ruby’s biggest names to talk about Ruby 3x3 and Ruby’s path to significantly improved performance.

Jacob Gillespie
The journey of a developer who moved a React-powered app to Rails including why he decided to do it and how it worked out.

Jesus Castello
I knew all but one of these but I love poking around with this stuff. I’m sure you’ll find a new tidbit here, even if it’s not useful for everyday coding.

Daniel P. Clark
A fun grab bag of interesting things (and their usage) in Ruby, from Hash#invert and IRB’s _ to unary operators and aliases. How many do you already know?


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