Ruby Weekly
Issue 330 — January 5, 2017
Richard Schneeman
An incredibly thorough post that demonstrates just how much work Sprockets, the Rack-based asset packaging system, does.

Jonathan Rochkind
A tour through some of the concurrency concepts and options available in Rails 5.

Starr Horne
A look at some of the biggest culprits when it comes to database queries bogging down your app.

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Daniel P. Clark
How to handle simple and complex SQL with Arel, the backbone of ActiveRecord’s SQL generation process.

Robert Pankowecki
Using in certain cases may become a common idiom: “just be aware that in upcoming Ruby versions s = ‘’ and s = might not be equal.”

Ross Kaffenberger
This tutorial demonstrates how to make a Progressive Web App on Rails using Service Workers via the serviceworker-rails gem.


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