Ruby Weekly
Issue 334 — February 2, 2017
Aaron Patterson
Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson looks at the properties of Ruby’s object storage system, why all object IDs are divisible by 40, and how ‘special’ objects like integers fill in the gaps.

Piotr Solnica
ROM is a persistence and mapping toolkit built for speed and simplicity. ROM 3 includes the first stable versions of rom-sql 1.0.0 and rom-repository 1.0.0.

Vladimir Dementyev
A ‘Rails-free’ alternative to ActionCable that supports the JavaScript ActionCable client out of the box. The Sinatra based sample chat app shows it in action.

Honeybadger Exception Monitoring  Sponsored
How well do you know Ruby's exception system? This free thirty-nine-page book will take you from novice to expert.

Honeybadger Exception Monitoring

Avdi Grimm
Learn two ways to avoid switching on nil in Rails apps, in this double feature from RubyTapas. (Also includes a nice deal for both RubyTapas and Upcase.)

Piotr Misiurek
Execute SQL queries on your database from a web panel and visualize the data in a convenient and clear way with charts and saved queries.

Pau Pérez
An adapter that lets you alter tables from standard Rails migrations without any downtime or blocking.

Aboobacker MK
The hash table improvements that arrived in 2.4 explained and contrasted with previous versions of Ruby.

Weston Ganger
Can turn any ActiveRecord relation or PORO into an XLSX, ODS, or CSV spreadsheet. The project has matured over the past year and just switched from GPL to MIT.


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