Ruby Weekly
Issue 333 — January 26, 2017
A year on from running the same benchmark, we find JRuby and Truffleruby leaving MRI far behind performance-wise. YMMV, of course.

David Heinemeier Hansson
Just one answer from an epic Quora session where DHH shared his opinions on JavaScript, performance, and Elixir and Phoenix.

Kate Studwell
How Adwerx broke a monolith into services without breaking existing functionality.

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Thomas Leitner
Create PDFs from scratch or manipulate existing ones. 0.3.0 brings TrueType font subsetting to the table.

Jeff Kreeftmeijer
In part one you build an HTTP server from scratch. Now, extending it to serve up a Rails app.

Andy Barnov
A three-part series (part 2, part3) including deployment to Heroku.

Roberto Romero
A potential solution if you want fast, rough and ready geocoding with no external calls. It includes a dataset of over 120,000 cities across the world.


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