Ruby Weekly
Issue 336 — February 16, 2017
Tyler Lippert
A (complete) 4 part series that digs into Rack, how to use it to handle incoming requests, how to create a templating system, and then how to extract common code to build your own framework.

Starr Horne
A test of Unicode improvements in 2.4.0 and how they’ve affected everyday Ruby operations and methods.

Benjamin Curtis
A systemd-based script to run one Sidekiq process per core and watch memory consumption per process.

Sqreen  Sponsored
Real-time security monitoring and protection for your Ruby apps. Sqreen detects and alerts you when your app is under attack. Get visibility into your app security and block attacks in real-time. Get up and running in minutes.


Luca Guidi
Hanami is a modern Web framework for Ruby optimized for speed and security. This release marks a feature freeze and a stable API for 1.0.

Danny Whalen
An example of using approval tests to verify the SQL generated by an ORM and why you’d want to do that.

Aaron Patterson
A year old but I wanted to re-shine the spotlight on Aaron Patterson’s awesome post that showed off some great examples of the art of ‘puts’-based debugging.

Kevin Menard
An update on progress with TruffleRuby, a Graal and Truffle based Ruby implementation. Here we see how SubstrateVM (SVM), an AOT compiler, boosts startup times (Note: SVM is currently closed-source and can’t be used in production).

Francisco Temudo
A step-by-step guide setting up an architecture oriented around a broker with ZeroMQ handling the communications.


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