Ruby Weekly
Issue 337 — February 23, 2017
Filippos Vasilakis
An extensive tutorial (with fully working/deployed code) on building an API on top of the app built in Michael Hartl’s Rails Tutorial.

Gaurav Tiwari
Rails 5.1 will have first-class support for Webpack. This post explores the new alpha version of the official Webpacker gem and its features.

Nelson Elhage
“I find this interesting as a cautionary tale of how several of Ruby’s features interact to create suprising edge cases that need to be addressed”

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Ray Hightower
Step-by-step instructions to create and run a simple Ruby app that generates and renders animated graphics using the graphics gem and SDL.

Richard Schneeman
Not only is Ruby’s Timeout class dangerous, even using ensure does not ensure you’re OK with Rack::Timeout.

Noel Rappin
Thinking about what your tests can do both for you and to you. Noel has also launched a testing email course with Avdi Grimm of RubyTapas.

Christopher Lupprich
“I’m a firm believer that a style guide and accompanying tools that enforce it are the best way to a uniform codebase.”


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