Ruby Weekly
Issue 338 — March 2, 2017
Vladimir Makarov
Hashes are commonly used in most Ruby apps so their performance characteristics are important. This post tells the technical tale of how hashes were significantly improved in MRI 2.4.

Official Rails Blog
5.1 will include encrypted secrets management, system tests, plus big boosts to working well with JavaScript, such as managing dependencies with Yarn and using Webpack from Rails via Webpacker.

Daniel P. Clark
A walk through designing a command line application in Ruby, from input to output and everything in between.

Rollbar  Sponsored
Automatically know what’s broken and why with Rollbar. Rollbar instantly detects and alerts you (Slack, HipChat, Email) when code breaks. Get the stacktrace, code, user data to help you defeat Ruby errors. Learn more.


IBM developerWorks Open
An update on efforts by the Eclipse OMR team to be part of delivering Ruby 3x3, the goal of Ruby 3.0 being 3x faster than Ruby 2.

Drifting Ruby
A video that explains the big ticket items in the forthcoming Rails 5.1.0 (now available in beta) as well as how to use it already.

Alex Matchneer
A look at the challenges of ActionCable and a suggestion of how it could be improved using database transaction logs.

Starr Horne
Not usually recommended, using objects other than symbols or strings as hash keys is straightforward, and here’s an unusual but practical use case.


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