Ruby Weekly
Issue 340 — March 16, 2017
Chris Dillon
A use case for Crystal, including porting a Ruby script to a Crystal binary and publishing it via Homebrew.

Nate Berkopec
An in-depth explainer of all the statistics returned by GC.stat, such as garbage collection & heap slot counts.

Ruby Central
Clearing up how Ruby Central, RubyGems, and Ruby Together are funded, including sources and allocation.

Honeybadger Exception Monitoring  Sponsored
How well do you know Ruby's exception system? This free thirty-nine-page book will take you from novice to expert.

Honeybadger Exception Monitoring

Nicolas Laurent
A three-post series that delves into linearization, blocks and procs, and scopes.

Andrew Powell-Morse
Another entry in Airbrake’s "Ruby Exception Handling" series, this one on EOFError. Here’s another on FiberError.

Nate Berkopec
Not a particularly techie story but lots of great insights that could benefit you if you want to tread a similar path.

Michael Cordell
The third installment of the series dives into how to find methods, even if they don’t exist.


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