Ruby Weekly
Issue 341 — March 23, 2017
Peter Cooper
Ruby 2.4.1, a ‘teeny’ release, has been released. It’s mostly a collection of bug fixes and tweaks of which some are analyzed here (some are quite odd).

Peter Cooper
Ruby 2.4.1 gains a new regex power, the ‘absent operator’ (?~...), essentially an anti-match but with very different properties to negative look-aheads or -behinds. I dig in a bit here.

Josh Bassett
Want more integrity at the database level? Rein helps you ‘tame’ your database with methods like add_foreign_key_constraint , add_inclusion_constraint and add_presence_constraint

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How moving from the ‘Rails Way’ to interactors and actions in a Hanami app mounted inside Rails cleaned up the new DNSimple API.

Gosuke Miyashita
Serverspec tests your servers’ actual state by executing command locally, via SSH, WinRM, Docker API, etc. so no agents are needed.

Tinco Andringa
It’s from December (we missed it at the time) and the problem was fixed in Rails 5.0.1, but Phusion’s dive into testing slow clients in ActionCable apps is an interesting read.


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