Ruby Weekly
Issue 345 — April 20, 2017
John Nunemaker
Using response objects to properly handle exceptions and program flow with an example of how it’s done at Github.

Bruno Facca
A quick reference primarily to minimize vulnerabilities in Rails 4 and 5 apps caused by developer forgetfulness.

Clément Joubert
We’re putting a big ‘tread carefully’ sticker on this one, but if you’re running heavy apps and running into memory issues, this may be worth exploring.

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Want to speak to a Ruby app via Amazon’s Echo/Alexa? There’s an entire series walking through building a Ruby Alexa skill step by step.

Scott Hanselman
An increasingly compelling stack. “Rails development is great on Windows 10 because you’ve got Windows 10 handling the ‘windows’ UI part and bash and Ubuntu handling the shell.”

Stefan Wintermeyer
Stefan offered to make the first part of his new Kindle book free for a couple of days so grab it while you can.


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