Ruby Weekly
Issue 344 — April 13, 2017
Used in production at GitHub, these libraries include a key/value data store mechanism for MySQL, an SQL builder, and a class to wrap results.

Google Cloud Platform Blog
Google tested the top 1000 gems to ensure the most popular dependencies would work. App Engine also obeys .ruby-version and supports all currently supported MRIs.

Haseeb Qureshi
The tale of how a developer at Airbnb used Ruby to manipulate a site’s search feature to recover a lost password.

Bitline  Sponsored
Enterprise level image processing for cheaper than you can do it yourself. Thumbnailing of any document types like MP4s, PDF, PSD, and even office documents. Companies have trusted Blitline for over 4 years now, try out a free Developer account.


Richard Schneeman
How the shape of memory usage charts for your app can indicate how healthy things are under the hood.

Tom Copeland
A dive into the C internals of MRI to find out why one method fires a TracePoint event and others don’t.

Ruby Rogues
It’s a huge update and Dave Kimura suspects Rails 5.1 could be a harder upgrade for existing apps that 5.0 was from 4.x.


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