Ruby Weekly
Issue 348 — May 11, 2017
A quiet but significant release. The Changelog is the biggest guide to what’s new, and last year’s The Road to Sinatra 2.0 explained the key changes. Related: Hacker News discussion, Gem page, Project homepage.

David Heinemeier Hansson
DHH’s talk is low on tech but high on philosophy and thinking about why we use the tools we do. You can also enjoy the keynotes from Aaron Patterson and Justin Searls.

The sessions from RailsConf 2017 are starting to be published, currently at 20 videos. We’ll link to some of the best over the next few issues as we watch them.

Cloud 66  Sponsored
Useful tips and tricks on Ruby multithreading/cross process and server synchronization solutions.

Cloud 66

Stop tailing development.log and see info about your app’s requests in Chrome’s DevTools instead. A long standing project that now supports Rails 5.

Piers Chambers
A very long standing Rails admin system has been brought up to date and supports the latest Rails. GitHub repo here.

Moshe Zioni
A bug hunter finds an anomaly in login responses where a Rack header could be exploited with timing attacks.


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