Ruby Weekly
Issue 349 — May 18, 2017
An accessible tutorial on the concepts of hypermedia APIs along with a plain-Ruby implementation example.

Chris Herring
If you’re new to RSpec and/or Rails, this is an extremely detailed tutorial on TDD with RSpec.

Richard Schneeman
Some tips and wisdom on finding performance issues in your apps, along with practices to use to build your own approach.

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Honeybadger Exception Monitoring

Aaron Lasseigne
Not everything from 2.2 through 2.4 is implemented yet but there’s a helpful table of what is and you’re encouraged to contribute more.

We mentioned Sinatra 2.0’s release in last week’s issue, but here’s the official announcement with more background.

Andrew Kozin
A test-focused approach of detecting dreaded N+1 issues before they get into production code.

Maciek Głowacki
The final part of a 3-part series on Unicode that addresses normalizing strings to avoid confusion and security issues.


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