Ruby Weekly
Issue 354 — June 22, 2017
Launch School
Goes a level deeper than most Rails tutorials, looking at the how and why behind what Rails does.

Ryan Bigg
A recent commit introduces a thread-isolated attributes singleton to Rails, but how and why could global state be a bad thing? Ryan Bigg investigates.

Contactually’s approach uses Makara, a DB connection proxy, to split query balancing among databases.

UpgradeRails  Sponsored
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Noah Gibbs
The story behind the hash table performance improvement in Ruby 2.4.0, including the players, the debate, and the outcome.

If you want a React-based SPA but have some SEO concerns, rendering the page on the server can help.

Shopify Engineering
How one of the largest Rails monoliths prepared, executed, and validated upgrading from Rails 4.2 to Rails 5 in just about a year.


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