Ruby Weekly
Issue 353 — June 15, 2017
Semaphore CI
render_async asynchronously calls controller actions from JavaScript and loads the HTML into the page on the fly.

Phil Nash
You can bring validations to plain old Ruby objects too with ActiveModel::Validations from Rails’ Active Model.

Noah Gibbs
In the US Ruby rides with Rails, but it’s different in Japan, which explains much of Ruby’s evolution.

Honeybadger Exception Monitoring  Sponsored
How well do you know Ruby's exception system? This free thirty-nine-page book will take you from novice to expert.

Honeybadger Exception Monitoring

Richard Schneeman
A technical look at implementing a queue in C and then comparing against Ruby’s own Queue implementation.

Planet Argon
Covers various guides, checklists, and tools for upgrading to Rails versions 4 and 5.

Dalibor Nasevic
Using the irb console and monkey patching is an effective way to reproduce a production error in its original context.

The Ruby Toolbox
The maintainer of Ruby Toolbox is reaching out the community to help open source a new, better version of this long-time Ruby resource.


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