Ruby Weekly
Issue 356 — July 6, 2017
Andrew Powell-Morse
A now-complete series of posts focusing on Ruby’s rich plethora of built-in exception handling classes. It has just ended with a look at fatal errors.

Drivy Engineering
Chrome can now run headless, making it possible to run headless specs without PhantomJS.

An official lightweight Ruby implementation designed for linking and embedding. mruby 1.3 is a key release including the safe navigation operator, Array#dig, Object#freeze and various bug fixes.

Honeybadger  Sponsored
If you have Honeybadger you'll be alerted with crucial details like the error location, the data being processed and the affected users. So you can deploy a fix quickly and get back to coding.


Daniel P. Clark
An example on how to generate graph data images from a Ruby codebase’s benchmark suite using a helper you can bring to your own projects.

Martin Chabot
Using partial function application to make parameter filtering more functional, readable, and extensible.

Launch School
A thorough modern guide to getting Ruby up and running and how RubyGems, Rake, Bundler, and various Ruby version managers work.


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