Ruby Weekly
Issue 357 — July 13, 2017
Nate Berkopec
A detailed look at the fallacy of benchmarks & what matters when it comes to creating web apps.

Ruby on Rails
Due to become a part of Rails 5.2, Active Storage makes it simple to upload and reference files in cloud services, like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage, and attach those files to records.

Mike Gunderloy
A practical, four-part look at using Active Storage in its current early form. Part 2 digs into using S3. Part 3, Google Cloud Storage, and part 4 looks at mirroring.

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Ville Lautanala
A look at an approach for efficiently handling streaming data in Ruby by combining enumerables with Node.js’s approach to streams.

Using Ruby, naturally, but with a focus on theory. Starts properly around the 22 minute mark.

Phil Nash
A takeaway from a talk at Brighton Ruby, making sure your dependencies are secure and license appropriately is the right thing to do.


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