Ruby Weekly
Issue 362 — August 17, 2017
Martian Chronicles
TestProf is a test profiling toolbox containing tools for profiling by test type or database event as well as faking background jobs.

Tiago Farias
A discussion of the various eager loading strategies in ActiveRecord including preload, eager_load, includes, and references.

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Practical Artificial Intelligence
The Q-learning algorithm is a learning reinforcement algorithm where rewards are based on prior experience.

Tom Copeland
If you have many instances of the same change throughout your code base (such as outdated idioms), synvert can rewrite them all for you at once.

Richard Schneeman
Another bug leading to a learning about understanding what your code does and what your user experiences.

Andrew Hao
Using the Publish-Subscribe pattern between contexts to decouple services and keep code cohesive.


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