Ruby Weekly
Issue 364 — August 31, 2017
Brandur Leach
How heap and object allocation work in Ruby, often leading to bloated sub-processes, and what’s on the roadmap to help.
It’s time to run gem update --system and get up to RubyGems 2.6.13 as there’s a DoS vulnerability, a DNS request vulnerability, and others.

Alex Wood
The stable version 3 of the AWS SDK for Ruby is now out with a new modular approach. I’ve found loading the AWS SDK a bit quirky in the past so this should help a lot.

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Evil Martians
A comprehensive checklist that will make your gem more maintainable and you a better open source citizen.

Riding Rails
The result of a large refactoring, webpacker 3.0 moves all the config out of Rails and over to the npm module.

Anderson Dias
A four-part series on creating a Slack command using Sinatra and Heroku.


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