Ruby Weekly
Issue 367 — September 21, 2017
Marc Anguera Insa
It’s been over a year since we’ve linked to this epic, categorized collection of Ruby greatness, and it continues to be updated frequently.

Arkency Blog
A brief tale about being surprised by mutation testing results and figuring out how to deal with it.

Honeybadger  Sponsored
If you have Honeybadger you'll be alerted with crucial details like the error location, the data being processed and the affected users. So you can deploy a fix quickly and get back to coding.


Stanislav Kozlovski
If you’ve read Ruby Weekly for a while you probably have heard of this statically compiled, Ruby-inspired language, but if not..

Irina Bednova
An 18 minute overview of the differences from a seasoned Rubyist perspective. This may also be a good time to note we have a Go newsletter as well :-)

Andrew Metcalf
A 30-minute talk from GORUCO on how Stripe reduced the time to boot a service by statically analyzing dependencies.

Aja Hammerly
The K Nearest Neighbors algorithm performs item classification based on existing classified data.

Vladimir Makarov
Ruby 3x3 is the idea that Ruby 3 is aiming to be 3x faster than Ruby 2.x. These (very technical) slides cover some ideas for achieving this.


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