Ruby Weekly
Issue 368 — September 28, 2017
Aaron Patterson
Core team member Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson digs into what it takes to write a program for visualizing Ruby heap dumps.

A truly rich array of sessions (in both English and Japanese) from Ruby’s ‘home’ conference. How about a talk on Bundler 2.0? Or an update on JRuby? Or Hanami?

Michał Łomnicki
Makes it possible to chain operations in a different way to usual.

OpsCare by reinteractive  Sponsored
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OpsCare by reinteractive

Richard Schneeman
A look at what it’s like to be non-Japanese and attend Ruby’s home conference, RubyKaigi. Richard also wrote some notes on the first day of talks.

Mike Wenger
You won’t be surprised to know the database is often part of the problem.

Noah Gibbs
OptCarrot is a headless NES hardware emulator used to benchmark CPU performance.

Practical Artificial Intelligence
Python has more ML libraries than most languages and PyCall allows you to use them from Ruby.


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