Ruby Weekly
Issue 370 — October 12, 2017
Yui Naruse
The first official preview release of 2.5 is here (fingers crossed for a final release at Christmas).

Aaron Patterson
Read this for the full explanation of the problem and the very speedy fix.

Tom Benner
A library for quickly adding interactive charts and tables for reporting purposes to a Rails app.

Depfu  Sponsored
Depfu continuously updates your dependencies one gem at a time and creates a super nice pull request with all the info you need. You stay in control if and when to merge.


Luca Guidi
hanami-cli is a gem for creating command line applications that support subcommands and extensibility. The Hanami project has replaced Thor with this.
Previously, if you referenced a constant in a scope that didn’t have the constant, Ruby would confusingly look for a top-level constant with the same name. No more.

Alessandro Minali
How some folks working on Surrealist (a PORO to JSON serialization library) answered the question “To Monkey Patch or Not To Monkey Patch?”

Jason Charnes
Organizing a conference is a mix of joy, sweat, and fear. Here is an in-depth look at what it took for Southeast Ruby.


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