Ruby Weekly
Issue 371 — October 19, 2017
Nate Berkopec
A guide to optimizing resource usage and maximizing throughput on 3 popular Ruby app servers.

Phusion Blog
A deep dive into the forking issue on High Sierra (which we linked in issue 368) and what workarounds exist.

Rails Testing Grader  Sponsored
See how your Rails app stacks up against others — it takes only a minute to find out. Based on real-world data from

Rails Testing Grader

Sam Saffron
A search for the least intrusive and most efficient way to benchmark methods, accounting for objects allocated and thread issues.

Phusion Blog
If you use Passenger 5 in production, you’ll want to upgrade ASAP because of this vulnerability. HTTP/2 support has also been added.

Derek Haynes
Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows you to share documents with embedded live code.

Ruby Object Mapper
New features include automatic mapping, automatic struct object inference, and support for custom struct namespaces.


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