Ruby Weekly
Issue 374 — November 9, 2017
Ross Kaffenberger
A thorough writeup of what was involved and what was learnt by adopting the Webpacker system in an existing Rails 4.2 app.

How Kickstarter prepared and executed the upgrade to Rails 5 on time and with minimal production interruptions.

Honeybadger  Sponsored
Exceptional creatures is a bestiary-style compendium of Ruby's exceptions, blending documentation with artwork reminiscent of _why's poignant guide.


Morning Commute
A 30 minute interview in a car with Ruby’s creator, Matz, on Ruby’s history and looking forward to Ruby 3.0.

Filippos Vasilakis
When flamegraphs and other methods don’t lead to finding performance bugs, a metaprogramming approach may show the way.

Aaron Lasseigne
A response to Avdi Grimm’s Enough With the Service Objects Already post from last week.

Andrew Kane
Makes it easier to work with multiple databases on the same app.


In brief