Ruby Weekly
Issue 373 — November 2, 2017
Avdi Grimm
A critique of the common advice to encapsulate business domain actions in “Service Objects”.

Samuel Giddins
Bundler now has an improved, faster resolver and bundle install is now almost as fast as bundle check when no installation is needed. There’s also news about Bundler 2 here.

Practical Artificial Intelligence
An example of using PyCall to leverage Python-based machine learning libraries.

Semaphore  Sponsored
Semaphore Boosters automatically parallelize large Ruby test suites with split-second precision. Deliver working code faster — no configuration required.


Thomas Leitner
Knowing how much memory built-in types, structs, and objects consume in Ruby can help you design your code with memory in mind.

Kevin Sylvestre
Transactions in Rails can be tricky to master as there are situations where they can go awry and fail to provide atomicity, as seen here.

Samuel Giddins
Brings the vendored Bundler up to the latest version (above), signin and signout commands added, and a wide variety of minor enhancements and bug fixes.


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