Ruby Weekly
Issue 376 — November 23, 2017

A slightly shorter than usual issue today in respect of Thanksgiving. We hope you have a good one if you're celebrating.

Daniel P. Clark
Rust is a (compiled) systems language focused on speed and safety. What about integrating it with Ruby? Here’s an introduction.

Amazon Web Services
You can now generate a Ruby gem for consuming an Amazon API Gateway API with a simple button click or command.

OpsCare by reinteractive  Sponsored
Our out-source DevOps solves the problems associated with ROR development. Plus our blue/green pre-baked deployment process means that you can deploy your app as often as you want. Get started today – start enjoying OpsCare.

OpsCare by reinteractive

Mike Pastore
This could become a real problem for you if your apps use cookie-only sessions and has resulted in the creation of Rack::Protection::MaximumCookie to help.

“we’ll now notify you when we detect a vulnerability in one of your dependencies and suggest known fixes from the GitHub community.”

Lazarus Lazaridis
A Rails app that helps you quickly mock API endpoints and includes a straightforward interface to set them up.

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