Ruby Weekly
Issue 377 — November 30, 2017
Official Rails Blog
The latest 5.x release targets file uploads with Active Storage, a vastly improved Redis Cache Store, HTTP/2 early hints support, and more.

Bruno Antunes
ActionCable makes it easy to work with WebSockets from Rails apps, but what about connecting a plain React frontend to a Rails API backend?

Didn’t get to RubyConf this year? Watch it online with all these videos. They’re on YouTube too, if you prefer. We’ll link to some of the best over the next few weeks too.

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Engine Yard

Amit Choudhary
delete_suffix is basically String#chomp and delete_prefix is the inverse.

Evil Martians
How to migrate a Heroku app from one domain to another by rewiring an existing Rails project.

Aaron Sumner
Replacing controller tests by moving business logic to models or service objects while keeping test time reasonable.

James Thompson
The first post in a three-day series on RubyConf with day 2 here and day 3 here.


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