Ruby Weekly
Issue 379 — December 14, 2017
Tom Lord
Ruby 2.5’s release is scheduled for December 25th, as is traditional in the Ruby community. Here are some features you may not have known about yet.

Vijay Kumar Agrawal
yield_self passes the receiver to the given block. Here’s a look at how it works.

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Dustin Zeisler
Handy for generating mocks from ActiveRecord models for unit tests that run fast without loading Rails or a database.

Caleb Thompson
A start-to-finish guide to using the static site generator to create sites to be served from Heroku.

Katy Farmer
A walk through the process of introducing metrics tools to a Rails app and visualizing the results.

Tom Black
A video (but with extensive slides and notes you can read instead, if you prefer) on a relatively uncommon use for Ruby.


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