Ruby Weekly
Issue 378 — December 7, 2017
Noah Gibbs
Ruby 3x3 is the idea that Ruby 3 should aim to be 3 times faster than Ruby 2.0. But how’s that working out so far? (Spoiler: Ruby 2.5 is already 1.65x faster than Ruby 2.0 so progress is good.)

Nate Berkopec
A well-researched journey into how malloc works in CRuby, sometimes doubling memory use, along with something to try to mitigate the issue.

Evil Martians
An opinionated guide to handling presentation logic in Rails that does not depend on any frontend framework or the asset pipeline.

Redisgreen  Sponsored
Redis 4.0 is out and available on RedisGreen with full visualization of your memory usage and top-tier performance.


Piotr Szmielew
A look at Ruby bindings that digs into the internals of YARV and details some use cases for them.

Phusion Blog
A look at how app servers, like Puma and Passenger, handle deferring work and the issues associated with each approach. Luckily the ‘dishwasher’ is only a analogy.

Ashley Ellis Pierce
A 30 minute talk from RubyConf 2017 on how you can use Git to recognize and address violations to each of the SOLID principles.

Eliav Lavi
A review of class methods followed by an opinion on which style is best for defining them.


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