Ruby Weekly
Issue 383 — January 25, 2018
Aaron Patterson
Aaron Patterson is working on a compacting garbage collector for Ruby and in this post he explains the challenges involved.

Dean Nasseri
An interesting alternative to IRB and Pry that analyzes input character-by-character on the fly to do things like automatic suggestions and indenting.

Jared Norman
Some interesting thinking on exceptions here. “Reasoning about everything that could cause an exception in any given part of your application is simply not possible.”

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Dan Manges
An interesting and effective approach to organizing your Rails application by creating engines for each domain concept.

Noah Gibbs
If you’re sweating patching servers due to performance, this may help set your mind at ease, although it’s just one set of numbers.

A screencast look into the new JavaScript framework by Basecamp focused on adding interactivity to HTML elements.

Julia Evans
Julia Evans has been writing about making a better Ruby profiler that can inspect running Ruby processes. Here’s a preview, with Linux support only (Mac support is coming).


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