Ruby Weekly
Issue 384 — February 1, 2018
David Heinemeier Hansson
The beta period is over and we’re headed for final release with Rails 5.2 introducing Active Storage, the Redis Cache Store, HTTP/2 Early Hints, and more.

Evil Martians
Not just interested in the news of the release (above)? This post covers much more including Active Storage, credentials, the Current singleton, CSP configuration, and Bootsnap.

Features a major refactoring of configuration option handling which now supports per application options. Ruby 2.5 support has also improved.

Codeship  Sponsored
Learn how to develop and test a Ruby app with Docker compose and how to further create a CI/CD pipeline for your app using Codeship.


Netflix Technology Blog
Netflix is open sourcing a Fast JSON API gem which boasts 25 times faster serialization than Active Model Serializer.

Lazarus Lazaridis
A very thorough walkthrough of building a Linux desktop app with Ruby.

Victor Shepelev
Several examples of Ruby 2.5’s all-new yield_self cleaning up older, uglier blocks of code.

Julia Evans
Scrappy and fascinating work digging into Ruby processes from ‘behind the scenes’.


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