Ruby Weekly
Issue 392 — March 29, 2018
Yui Naruse
As well as 2.4.4, 2.3.7 and 2.2.10 (likely the last ever 2.2 release, by the way). Why? Several security vulnerabilities have been fixed.

Vladimir Makarov
A low-level look at what the 3x3 goal will take, so if terms like RTL and JIT mean anything to you, you’ll enjoy this deep dive.

Nate Berkospec
NGINX has added Ruby support to their new multi-language, microservice-enabling application server. Nate Berkopec digs into when and why it’s worth using (or not).

GoCD  Sponsored
GoCD now integrates natively with Kubernetes. GoCD's pipeline capability along with Kubernetes' highly programmable platform provide the premiere Continuous Delivery tool on modern infrastructure.


Phusion Blog
Passenger, the Ruby app server, gains a new GUI providing tools to monitor, administer, analyze and troubleshoot apps. Get it here.

Dan Mayer
An exploration of measuring the performance of your Ruby code and apps with links to tools and approaches you can get started with.

Luca Guidi
Skip the multiple calls with this more accurate, Ruby 2.1+ flavored approach.

Sihui Huang
Materials and resources to get you contributing to Ruby quickly, based on observations at an event attended by Matz and other Ruby committers.


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