Ruby Weekly
Issue 391 — March 22, 2018
David Heinemeier Hansson
Rails 5.2 has an impressive feature list, including Active Storage, credentials, HTTP/2 Early Hints, and more. 5.2 is already in production at Basecamp and Shopify so don’t be worried to try it out.

Noah Gibbs
Full performance gains rarely materialize in pre-releases and JIT proves not to be a winner on a large, real-world Rails app so far but things are looking promising for the future.

CircleCI  Sponsored
The most common thing a customer will say in a support ticket is that their builds are suddenly failing even though “nothing has changed” on their end. This is almost never true.


Sam Saffron
A look at how Discourse, the forum host, handles changes to its Rails-oriented database schema in production.

Nando Vieira
A handy API for browser detection from within Ruby. Pass in a user agent string and query it in various ways (e.g. browser.webkit? or Includes ActionController integration, as well as optional Rack middleware for agent-based redirections.

David Heinemeier Hansson
The latest in DHH’s On Writing Software Well video series covers how you might more elegantly restructure a new feature that’s been added to an existing Rails app. 14 minutes.

Chris Oliver
A Rails template that adds an admin UI, auth, Bootstrap 4, and more to new Rails apps.


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