#395 — April 19, 2018

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Ruby Weekly

MJIT: A Method-Based Just-In-Time Compiler for Ruby — A brief history of how MJIT (currently under trial in Ruby 2.6 previews) came to be, followed by an interview with many of the players, including Matz, Tenderlove, and Vlad.


Ruby 2.5 Enables Thread.report_on_exception by Default — Now we’ll get more reporting when threads fail instead of silence and frustration. This post does a good job of showing it in action.

Vishal Telangre

Fix Production Bugs in Seconds with Sentry — Relying on users to report errors? Use Sentry to fix production issues in real time, right in your existing workflow. Cut time to resolution from 5 hours to 5 minutes. Sentry is 100% open source and loved by 500K developers. Sign up for free.

Sentry sponsor

▶  On Building a Ruby Profiler — Julia Evans gives a 30 minute talk (plus Q&A) on the core of rbspy, the Ruby profiler she built over the last few months.

Julia Evans

GraalVM: Oracle's Universal Virtual Machine — Of interest to Rubyists as the high performance (though still experimental) truffleruby Ruby implementation is built on top of it. How to quickly install TruffleRuby as of now.


NGINX Unit 1.0: An App Server That Supports Ruby (and Others) — NGINX Unit, a dynamic app server, is production‑ready. It’s configured via a REST API (no static config) and handles apps built in multiple languages (Ruby, Go, Perl, PHP, and Python) simultaneously.

Owen Garrett

Running a Government Department on Ruby for Over 12 Years — A sizable slidedeck on how the government approaches development and why Ruby is a good fit. There’s also an unofficial video of the talk.

Jeremy Evans slidedeck

Legend of The Sourcerer: A Ruby Text Adventure Game — You are sure to have ‘LOTS’ of fun playing (and modifying?) this one.

Robert W. Oliver II

Goruco 2018: A One Day Event for Ruby Enthusiasts (New York, June 16) — Early bird tickets are available now.

💻 Jobs

Come Work Together with & Empower Creative People at BackerKit — BackerKit is the industry-leading platform for creators. We're building a bunch of neat stuff, come join us.


Ruby Expert? Sign Up for Vettery — Top developers can get 5+ interview requests during their first week on Vettery.


📘 Tutorials

Full Text Searching Linux Man Pages with Elasticsearch and Ruby

Lazarus Lazaridis

Stop Robots and Crawlers From Causing Errors in Rails

Andy Croll

Free eBook: Rails Testing Handbook — Tired of fragile code? This hands-on book will teach you how to build better Rails apps with confidence.

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For Want of Pattern Matching in Ruby: The Creation of Qo — Qo is a Ruby gem made to emulate pattern matching and fluent querying found in other languages.

Brandon Weaver

Where Are They Now? Revisiting Ruby 2.3's Goodies — I’ll admit I haven’t used the safe navigation operator in production code yet.

Tom Dracz

Ruby's SignalException Exception — Learn how to trap OS signals, such as SIGTERM, the right way.

Exceptional Creatures

Using Ruby's Bitwise Operators

Mehdi Farsi

Refactoring for the 'Tell Don't Ask' Pattern — One of the more useful and least controversial object-oriented design principles.

Daniel P. Clark

Debugging Ruby Processes in Kubernetes — Kubernetes has ‘taken over’ the deployment world in many ways, so knowing how to debug your apps is a good thing.

Kir Shatrov

Level Up Your Dev Skills: Learn Ruby Free for 10 Days

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Migrating from state_machine to AASM in Rails

Akash Srivastava

🔧 Code & Tools

WordpRSS: Pull Any WordPress RSS Feed with Ruby

Paweł Dąbrowski

ActionPolicy: Authorization Framework for Ruby and Rails Apps — Yes, you can use it with any Ruby app, not just Rails.

Vladimir Dementyev

JSONAPI::Consumer: ActiveModel-Compliant Framework for Consuming JSON API Services

Justin Smestad

kms_encrypted: Simple, Secure Key Management for attr_encrypted — Supports Amazon KMS and Google KMS.

Andrew Kane

render_async: Render View Partials Asynchronously via Ajax — An interesting way to speed up Rails page rendering.

Rendered Text

jwt_sessions: XSS/CSRF-Safe JWT Auth for Single Page Apps

Yulia Oletskaya