#405 — June 28, 2018

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Ruby Weekly

Support of Ruby 2.2 Has Ended — If you’re still on Ruby 2.2, it’s time to upgrade, preferably to 2.5 but at least to 2.4 as Ruby 2.3’s support will end too in March 2019.

Anton Paisov

Fie: A Rails-Centric Frontend Framework Running over WebSockets — Fie is an interesting idea in reducing the amount of JavaScript you write by keeping client state on the server & managing it via WebSockets. Here’s a tutorial using Fie.

Eran Peer

eBook: Using AWS Lambda with Ruby and Python — Serverless functions are incredibly useful for configuring the execution of our workload processes. We only pay for the time and computing power that we use. Learn more in our eBook.

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Faster Apps, No Memory Thrash — Touches on aspects of Ruby memory management, from how memory is allocated to how you can speed things up. It’s a slidedeck, yes, but with good notes.

Noah Gibbs slidedeck

The Ongoing Quest for Ruby Pattern Matching — There’s been discussion around listening to suggestions on how to add pattern matching to Ruby. Victor offers up an approach as a conversation starter.

Victor Shepelev

Safely Migrating from Paperclip to Active Storage — A supplement to the already existing migration guide based on how one developer tested her changes along the way.

Zoe Madden-Wood

Ruby’s Powerful Method Arguments and How To Use Them Correctly — The number of options and combinations of method arguments in Ruby is somewhat staggering, even without things like pattern matching.

Jesus Castello

💻 Jobs

Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer — The Developer Publication platform team is looking for an engineer that loves a challenge and has experience creating REST web services.


Senior Ruby Web Developer at Cookpad — Love cooking? Join Ruby and Rails core contributors as we build a world class startup team backed by a mature product.


Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery matches top tech talent with fast-growing companies. Take a few minutes to join our platform.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

▶  Elegantly Generate Data in Bulk with Ruby Enumerators and Arrays — Watch Avdi Grimm and James Edward Gray II demonstrate the art of concise, expressive Ruby code in two classic RubyTapas videos.

Avdi Grimm

Rails and Conditional Validations in Models — Often validations are only useful in a specific context, so adding them to the base model pollutes the domain. Here’s a way to only validate when it’s needed.

Karol Galanciak

$100 Credit to Get Started with Any DigitalOcean Product — Deploy Ruby apps w/ industry leading price-performance. Build your next project on us.

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Modernizing StackShare's Front End: The React + Rails Stack — The tools used by StackShare to add React using Webpacker to a Rails application.


Managing Stripe Subscription Payments in Rails

Victor Hazbun

▶  Parallel and Thread-Safe Ruby at High-Speed with TruffleRuby

Benoit Daloze

How to Ignore PHP-Targeting Bots with Rack::Attack — If you keep seeing bots hitting your Rails app as if it were a hackable WordPress app, this tip will help.

Andy Croll

Docker for Rails Development

Victor Hazbun

Delegating Methods in Ruby with Forwardable

Ronney Bezerra

Disassembling Rails: How Fragment Caching Works — A look into the source code behind fragment caching in Rails.

Stan Lo

🔧 Code & Tools

RecentRuby: CLI Tool to Check For A Recent and Secure Ruby Version — Put this in your build server pipeline to make sure you aren’t deploying a vulnerable Ruby version.

Lucas Luitjes

dry-monads 1.0 Released — Monads for Ruby, but in an idiomatically Ruby way.

Nikita Shilnikov

Rutie: A Tie Between Ruby and Rust — Hey! You got Rust in my Ruby? Oh yeah? Well, you got Ruby in my Rust!

Daniel P. Clark

BreezyPDFLite: A Ruby Client for a Self Hosted HTML to PDF Converter — BreezyPDFLite is a microservice for converting HTML to PDFs using headless Google Chrome.

Daniel Westendorf

Rydux: A Ruby Implementation of Redux — An attempt at JavaScript-style state management.

Alex Dovzhanyn

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ActiveEmoji: Emoji Aliases for Core Ruby Methods — Not new but somehow I missed this when it first came out. Amusing but I hope to never see this in production :-)

Erik Berlin