#412 — August 16, 2018

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Ruby Weekly

rb: Turn Ruby Into a Versatile Command Line Utility

rb: Turn Ruby Into a Versatile Command Line Utility — Weighing in at a mere 10 lines, rb is a clever approach to making Ruby an even handier chainable CLI tool for manipulating and extracting data. Be sure to check the examples.


Kimurai: A Modern Web Scraping Framework — Works with headless Chrome or Firefox, PhantomJS, or simple, regular HTTP requests to scrape even sites that require JavaScript to render.

Victor Afanasev

Continuous Delivery on Modern Infrastructure - Run GoCD on Kubernetes — Model Docker-based build workflows more effectively with our GoCD Kubernetes integration. Run GoCD natively on Kubernetes, define your build workflow and let GoCD provision and scale build infrastructure on the fly.

GoCD sponsor

Does ActionCable Smell Like Rails? — How ActionCable solves the WebSocket problem in both a Rails and not-so-much-Rails way.

Noah Gibbs

The Ultimate Guide to HTTP Requests in Ruby — Learn how to make a simple HTTP request using net/http, send SSL requests, submit data using a POST request and more.

Jesus Castello

Postgres Weekly: Our Weekly PostgreSQL Newsletter — It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned it here, but as we know many Rubyists are also Postgres users, did you know we have a Postgres newsletter too? :-) Check out the latest issue and see if it’d be helpful for you.


Best Practices using Pundit for Authorization in Rails — Once you need to constrain what certain users can do in your application, Pundit and these tips should make it a snap.

Akshay Sasidharan

💻 Jobs

Senior Software Engineer - Germany or Remote — Join virtualQ and work on an innovative, award winning product using top-notch technology like machine learning, AI and voice automation.


Senior Database Engineer, Remote — GitLab is a company based on the GitLab open-source project. Our database engineer is a hybrid role: part developer, part database expert.


Find A Ruby Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in dev roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📘 Tutorials

Ruby 2.6 Adds 'write_timeout' to Net::HTTP — Kinda seems like this is overdue, no?

Taha Husain

Advanced Client Stubbing in AWS SDK for Ruby v3 — The ability to stub client responses in the AWS SDK is much enhanced, allowing for dynamic responses without having to sacrifice test stability.

Amazon Web Services

How Ruby String Encoding Benefits Developers — Daniel is adding Ruby’s encoding support to Rutie, a Rust-to-Ruby-to-Rust library, and shares his learnings about how Ruby handles encoding here.

Daniel P. Clark

How to Configure RSpec in Rails — Aimed at beginners.

Tomas Valent

🔧 Code & Tools

Fakerbot: Quickly Look Up Faker Methods from the Terminal — A tool to make it easier to pick the right Faker method to generate the fake data you need.

Austin Kabiru

Monitor and Analyze Ruby Application Performance with Datadog — Search and analyze distributed traces to quickly resolve Ruby app performance issues. Start a free trial.

Datadog sponsor

TTY::PieChart: Draw Pie Charts on Your Terminal

Piotr Murach

csvpack: Work with Tabular Data Packages using CSV — Work with CSV files in an Active Record fashion using the ‘tabular data package’ structure which adds schema information.

CSV, V:1.1

Roo: Read All Common Spreadsheet File Formats in Ruby

Daniels, Simonov, et al.

wavefile: A Gem for Reading and Writing .wav Sound Files

Joel Strait

Manifold Is the Marketplace for Independent Developer Services

Manifold sponsor

BitArray: Pure Ruby Bit Array/Bitfield Implementation

Peter Cooper

CIBYL: Lightweight Language Which Compiles to Ruby and Crystal — The syntax is a bit C-like and it has some whitespace/alignment rules.

Eric Pelzer