#415 — September 6, 2018

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Ruby Weekly

Writing a Gem with Native Extensions — Whether you want to leverage existing C code or squeeze some extra performance, knowing how to include native extensions in your gem is good to know.

Tristan Penman

Uploading Files Directly to S3 with Presigned POST Requests — S3 supports ‘pre-signed’ POST requests so that your app’s users can upload files directly without you needing to share sensitive credentials over the air.

Chirag Shah

Containers for Rails Developers: Use Containers While Staying True to Your RoR Roots — A case study about moving our 4-year old Ruby on Rails application to run in containers and on top of Kubernetes.

Cloud 66 sponsor

Name of Person: Present (Parts of) Names in Various Forms — Aimed at typical English-style names and lets you extract first name, last name, initials, and similar attributes. It’s been extracted from Basecamp.


Password Generation in Ruby and Rust — Writing a password generator, once in Ruby and once in Rust, in order to compare languages from both syntax and performance perspectives.

Thomas Hurst

Mastodon 2.5 Released — Mastodon is a federated, open source, Twitter-like social network server built on top of Ruby & Rails along with React on the frontend. There’s even a Ruby developer focused instance called ruby.social. (GitHub repo.)

Eugen Rochko

💻 Jobs

Ruby on Rails Developer at X-Team (Remote) — We help our developers keep learning and growing every day. Unleash your potential. Work from anywhere. Join X-Team.


World-Saving Full-Stack Engineer That Loves Ruby — Tired of building apps for teens? Join an exclusively senior engineering team solving the greatest challenge of our generation.


Find A Ruby Job Through Vettery — Create a profile to connect with inspiring companies seeking Ruby devs.


📘 Tutorials

Closures in Ruby: Blocks, Procs and Lambdas — The differences between blocks, procs, and lambdas and how they bring closures to Ruby.

Jeff Kreeftmeijer

Micro-Optimizing in JRuby — Can we make small optimizations in JRuby by calling out to Java? The answer is ‘yes’ and the effort is well worth the (micro) gain.

Thomas Hurst

GraphQL Pagination in Rails

Kamil Milewski

Ruby and Emacs Tip: Advanced Pry Integration — If you use Emacs, this kind of integration can be a real game changer.

Thiago Araújo Silva

Migrating a Standalone PostgreSQL Instance to Amazon Aurora

Pavel Tsiukhtsiayeu

Connecting to the Apple Music API from a Rails App — A way to get information about songs, artists, albums, etc.

Jan De Poorter

A Rails Security Checklist — A variety of points to consider. Your own contributions are encouraged.

Eliot Sykes

🔧 Code & Tools

bindef: A Ruby-Based DSL for Defining Binary Files

William Woodruff

JetBrains RubyMine: Cross-platform IDE for Ruby & Rails — Go to any object with a click. Fix issues & refactor code with one shortcut key. Test & debug with an apt GUI.

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mini_scheduler: Adds Recurring Jobs to Sidekiq — Sidekiq Enterprise also has periodic jobs support.


Statics: Base Class and Modules for Static Models — A ‘static’ model in this context is one that is backed by data in a YAML file.

Pablo Crivella

Rails Adding Hooks to ActiveJob Around Retries and Discards — Your app can now be notified when a job is retried or discarded.

Ruby on Rails

Manifold Is the Marketplace for Independent Developer Services

Manifold sponsor

Tmuxinator: A Tool to Manage Complex tmux Sessions Easilytmux is a terminal multiplexer a lot like screen but with more features.


MiniI18n: Minimalistic Internationalization for Ruby — We linked it recently but it now supports localizing dates, times, and numbers too.

Marc Anguera Insa