#421 — October 18, 2018

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Ruby Weekly

Ruby 2.5.3, 2.4.5, and 2.3.8 Released — The reason? Two vulnerabilities have been disclosed and fixed: a tainted flag bug with Array#pack and String#unpack and a broken equality check in OpenSSL::X509::Name.

The Ruby 2.3.8 release also notes that Ruby 2.3 is now in its security maintenance phase and in March 2019 maintenance on Ruby 2.3 will end, so if you’re still using Ruby 2.3, you need to begin your migration to 2.4 or 2.5.


How We Halved Our Rails Memory Consumption with jemalloc — We’ve included other posts about jemalloc before, but we never tire of seeing the dramatic improvement it can bring about in an application.

Carmen Chung

Redis™ 5.0 on RedisGreen — The latest version of the popular database featuring the new stream data type is out and available to make your apps better and faster.

RedisGreen sponsor

Testing Ruby's CGI — Ruby starts up pretty fast nowadays, so if you want to run a simple Ruby program on-demand, going the CGI script route isn’t a terrible option. But what about testing them? (TIL WEBrick supports CGI..)

Mike Perham

GitHub Actions: Workflow Automation on GitHub — Still in beta, Actions takes GitHub into new, ops-style territory by providing definable, automated workflows for deploying and releasing software. It’s billed as “the biggest shift we’ve had in the history of GitHub”.


Falcon: HTTP/2 for Ruby Web Development — Falcon is a Rack-compatible web application server that can handle HTTP/2, HTTP/2, and WebSockets. Very interesting.

Samuel Williams

💻 Jobs

Experienced Ruby Developer (SF or Remote) — Help thousands of doctors make patients healthy with an even healthier team and codebase.

Able Health

Mid-Level Full Stack Engineer @ HITRECORD (Full Time, Los Angeles) — Looking for an experienced Angular/Ruby & Rails developer to join a small but dynamic team to grow a platform for creative collaboration.


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📘 Articles & Tutorials

▶  Discussing 'Sonic Pi' with Sam Aaron — A 50 minute podcast chat with the creator of one of the most interesting Ruby projects out there, the Sonic Pi code driven music environment.

Ruby Rogues podcast

Using Minitest to Regression Test a Static Jekyll-Built Site — Ruby is really well suited for creating basic test scripts for things you’re playing with.

Thibaut Barrere

A Look at Some ActiveSupport::StringInquirer Magic — Another trip into the Rails source to discover how it does some of the clever things it does.

Igor Springer

Ruby Gotchas for the JavaScript Developer — I’d never thought of people picking up Ruby after JavaScript, but as it appears to happen, this may be of use.

Dmitry Pashkevich

PostgreSQL Tips for Rails, Created by Citus Devs at RailsConf — How to improve Postgres perf for Rails, ft. statement time-outs, marginalia, pg_stat_statements, pgBouncer.

CITUS DATA sponsor

Diving into Ruby Weekly with Peter Cooper — The founding editor of this newsletter spoke with Brittany Martin on the newly revived Ruby on Rails podcast about his Ruby history and how Ruby Weekly works.

The Ruby on Rails Podcast podcast

▶  Gradual Typing of Ruby at Scale at Stripe — If it seems familiar, we linked to the slides two weeks ago.

Dmytro Petrashko and Paul Tarjan

Microservices vs Spaghetti Code Are Not Your Only Options

Floor Drees (Phusion)

What Exactly Makes 'Bad' Code Bad?

Jason Swett

🔧 Code & Tools

checker_jobs: Run Regression Tests On Your Data using a Convenient DSL — Drivy Engineering is open-sourcing this gem.

Drivy Engineering

Active Merchant: Shopify's Simple Payment Abstraction Library — A well-established, long-standing gem that continues to get frequent updates.


Monitoring and Distributed Tracing for Ruby Apps. Try Datadog Free

Datadog sponsor

Loaf: Manage and Display Breadcrumb Trails in Rails Apps

Piotr Murach

Faktory 0.9.0: The Background Job System Now Uses Redis — Faktory (a background job processor from the creator of Sidekiq) has replaced RocksDB with Redis in this release.

Mike Perham

Roda: The Routing Tree Web Toolkit — roda is a web framework aimed at simplicity and productivity, and an interesting alternative to something like Sinatra. Version 3.13.0 was just released.

Jeremy Evans

Toucan: A Ruby Framework to Craft Small CLI Applications — Toucan works with an ncurses-powered input and output ‘window’ that run asynchronously.

Fernando Schuindt