#423 — November 1, 2018

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Ruby Weekly

Building a Ruby C Extension From Scratch — While there are easier, gem-assisted ways to wrap C code from Ruby, knowing how to do this from the ground up can be handy.

Thijs Cadier

A Safer RuboCop with RuboCop 0.6 — In its new, just released version, 0.6, Ruby’s favorite code linter gains the ability to mark a “cop” as unsafe so you can pick and choose how auto corrections happen.

Bozhidar Batsov

An In-Depth Look at Ruby's Exception System — Ruby's exception system is more powerful than many people realize. This book shows you how to get the most from it.

Honeybadger sponsor

Promising Benchmark Results for Ruby 2.6.0-pre-preview3 — You need to know what you’re looking at here, but essentially the next preview release of Ruby with the JIT compilation feature enabled is significantly faster on the Optcarrot NES emulation benchmark.

Takashi Kokubun

Maintaining 65,000 Open Connections in a Single Ruby Process — How to hijack a Rack (and Puma) server to get control of the incoming sockets in a shockingly small amount of code, though admittedly “it is not very economical in its memory usage”.

Wander Hillen

Announcing Bundler 1.17.0 — Version 1.17.0 brings some interesting features, including a remove command that will remove a gem from the Gemfile, a la npm.

Samuel Giddins

Ruby Plotting with Galaaz: An Example of Tightly Coupling Ruby and R — Galaaz is a system for tightly coupling Ruby and R, the popular graphical statistical programming environment, by means of GraalVM. This could be great news for you if you want to access ggplot for producing rich statistical graphics from Ruby.

Rodrigo Botafogo

💻 Jobs

Web Developer – Ruby on Rails at 'Wer liefert was' (Hamburg, Germany) — Become a part of the success story: "Wer liefert was" is Europe’s leading B2B online marketplace with close to 300 employees.

Wer liefert was? GmbH

Sr. Rails Engineer at Six Park - Funded FinTech in Melbourne, AU — Six Park is a fast-growing, fast-paced FinTech, searching for Sr. Rails folks that can shape engineering, our practices and our business.


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📘 Articles & Tutorials

▶  Discussing Fast Tests with Vladimir Dementyev — Creator of TestProf talks about why fast tests are valuable and how you can make yours faster.

The Ruby Testing Podcast podcast

How to See Your Rails Feature Specs Run in the Browser — Just a couple of tweaks mean you get to see your Rails app’s test running live in a real browser.

Jason Swett

Postgres & Multi-Tenancy: citus_stat_statements for Per Tenant Stats — Need insight into the load specific customers are putting on the database? Citus can parameterize every query.

CITUS DATA sponsor

It's Ruby, There Must Be a Better Way — If you’re looking for a little code-along Ruby challenge, this is for you. Then see how Ryan approached it.

Ryan Palo

Building Auto Login for Fast Rails Development with Sorcery — A way to enable logging in as different users during development only.

Josef Strzibny

Phusion Passenger Gets a New Documentation Site — It’s the same documentation as before but better organized.


Running Tests in RubyMine: Overview and ImprovementsRubyMine is a commercial Ruby IDE.


How to Check If a Variable is Defined in Ruby — Using defined?

Jesus Castello

🔧 Code & Tools

Atom Now Understands Your Ruby Better Than Ever Before — Atom 1.32 provides improved syntax highlighting and code folding by parsing your code while you type it. Ruby is one of the first 11 languages supported.


Rocket Job: Ruby's Missing Batch System — Create and monitor various jobs and trigger these same jobs in many different ways.

Rocket Job

Shop Like a Developer – Discover and Experiment with Hot New Services 🔥

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Rackula: Generate Static Sites from any Rack Middleware — For turning a Rack powered webapp into a static copy.


AutoloadReloader: An Alternative to the Rails Autoloader Based on Module#autoload


Pagy: The 'Ultimate' Pagination Gem — Works with all Rack-based frameworks and is storage/ORM agnostic. We’ve linked this a few times now but updates continue to come thick and fast.

Domizio Demichelis

Sniffer: Log and Analyze Outgoing HTTP Requests — Hooks into Net::HTTP, Patron, Curb, Typhoeus and other Ruby HTTP libraries.

Andrey Deryabin

Karafka: A Ruby Framework for Working with Apache Kafka

Mensfeld, Vavruk, et al.